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CATalog of the Week #1: Etcetera, Etc.

Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 15:44:19 -0400 (EDT) From: Subject: CATalog of the week: Etcetera, ETC.

Dear friends,

Welcome to the first ever Dollhouse Guild Edition of CATalog of the week! The theme for this week is Fabrics, Laces, Ribbons & Trims. And out CATalog of the week is :

ETCETERA, ETC. Pam Kille, Proprietor 13 Isla Ct. Roswell, NM 88201

Now, I know that I personally have mentioned this catalog before. But, as we have a lot of new members and the CATalog of the week has now begun, I'd like to make it official.

One of the first things you might notice before even reading the description of this CATalog is that it is from Roswell, New Mexico. That's right, folks--Roswell is indeed the alien landing town. One of the special features of Etcetera, Etc. is the samples on every page. Someone once asked me (I think it was you, Lou!), if the catalog offered ALIEN samples on every page too....sorry, no aliens! You might find some alien dust if you look close. But I digress...back to the mini review!

This CATalog gets a four paws rating. Just a reminder that the four paws rating means CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast!

My special CATalog advisors, (a.k.a. my 5 cats) said this CATalog is PURRFECT because they can paw at all the trims, especially the elastic ones (they LOVE the bunka, and have unraveled my little bunka sample to mini hair quality).

As I said, the Etcetera, ETC. catalog has samples of fabrics, ribbons, bunka, laces, trims, and even leather scraps. You absolutely cannot go wrong for the catalog price of a mere $2. The proprietor, Pam Kille, and I have become friends only because I order from her so much! Also, I know many of our DH friends are on the lookout for the ever-elusive BUNKA. Pam has it, in a multitude of colors. BTW, I do not profit from the promotion of this catalog in any way. I simply want to share it with my friends on the DH list because I think it is a tremendous find. Another feature of the Etcetera, ETC. catalog is that ships her orders fast, and all orders over $20 are shipped FREE.

If you would like to receive the Etcetera, ETC. catalog, send $2.00 to the above address. If you live outside the U.S.A., I'm sorry to say that the only drawback is that Etcetera, ETC. does not yet accept credit cards, as the company is too small. You can still receive the catalog--I asked for one for Colette and sent Pam $4 instead of $2 and she was happy to send it to England. If you live outside the U.S.A., get the catalog and would like to order, feel free to contact me as I order from it often and would be happy to hook up your order with mine, and we could always work something out, mini or otherwise.

Finally, a quick note on the format of the CATalog of the week. If you, as a DH member, sell something similar to this week's CATalog theme of Fabrics, Laces, Ribbons & Trims, please send a note TO LOUISE ( and she will post it on this week's for sale list. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR ITEM TO THE LIST, BUT SEND IT INSTEAD TO LOUISE.

Also, if you personally have received this catalog, feel free to post to the list your thoughts on it, using the subject heading "RE: CATalog of the week: Etcetera, Etc." That way, people who want to read your opinion/thoughts can do so, and people who aren't interested in the CATalog of the week can scroll on past/delete the message.

Sound like fun, everyone? So go ahead and send for the Etcetera, ETC. catalog, with fabric, trim, lace, leather, ETC. samples on nearly every page. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Stay tuned next Monday for the 2nd edition of CATalog of the week!

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