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My name is Jill Lynne Ness. My goal is to create miniature items for your dollhouse or room scene which you cannot or have not been able to find anywhere else; namely, LIFE IN MINIATURE (or as close as we can come!). Most of my miniatures are handcrafted; however, you will also find minis from other dealers (particularly boxed, "name brand" kinds) that I feel are incredibly realistic and have added to my listings. Looking for unique or unusually detailed miniatures? You'll find them here! All miniatures are in 1/12, or 1"=1'scale.

If you are familiar with the Dollhouse Guild Listserv, you may also know me as "Agent Ness" OR the Dollhouse Guild CATalog Coordinator. To obtain archives of the CATalogs of the Week, please see the links at the bottom of this page. Please also see the first link at the bottom of this page for our ORDER FORM!

1997-2001 by Jill Lynne Ness. No part of this website may be reproduced without the written consent of Life in Miniature.

*Some pictures have been enlarged to show detail.

Web page background1998 designed by Sandra Weidler.

***OUR GUARANTEE: If, when you receive your package from us, you are unsatisfied with any Life in Miniature item, return it to us within 10 days for a replacement or your money back (guarantee does not apply to items purchased through eBay, which are separate transactions). We want you to be happy with your purchase. Mini thanks!***

Take a Peek Inside Life in Miniature's Dollhouse!

(Still and will always be under construction, because there is no end to the minis we can make!)

NEW from Life in Miniatureon 1/16/2000: all of Life in Miniature's latest creations and finds, plus items that haven't been categorized yet. Pictured at left: TEENY, TINY TEA BAGS (one is pictured on top of a dime), and STRAWBERRY JELLO (it wiggles! it jiggles!).
The Produce Liston 1/16/2000: 144 items and growing; our best-selling minis! Pictured at left: crate of IDAHO POTATOES, pint of RASPBERRIES and CHERRY TOMATOES.
Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving Liston 1/16/2000: Set your mini table with delicous, realistic-looking food. You'll find it here, as well as bountiful selections of fruits and vegetables from our fall harvest. Pictured at left: GREEN GRAPES, MASHED POTATOES, and GARDEN SALAD.
Happy Holidays Liston 9/24/2000: It's never to early for Christmas mini-shopping! Pictured at left: DECORATED CHRISTMAS GLASS OF EGGNOG, CHRISTMAS CORNUCOPIA and FLECKED GOLD WREATH.
The Bakery Shoppe List on 1/13/2001: Could it be? The number of items in the Bakery Shoppe has surpassed even our produce list, which is good news for your sweet tooth...all with ZERO calories and fat!! Pictured at left: CINNAMON ROLL, LATTICE CRUST BLUEBERRY PIE and SLICE OF LEMON MERINGUE PIE.
The Dollhouse Breakfast Nookon 10/2/2000: The most important meal of the day...don't let your dollhouse people go without it! Pictured at left: carton of eggs, package of Sizzlean bacon, and breakfast plate with eggs, toast, and sausage. The best part of our breakfast list cholesterol!
A Late Night Snack List on 9/24/2000: potato chips and dip, nachos, sandwiches, even a submarine sandwiches for those nights you can't sleep and are peeking in the dollhouse refrigerator. Pictured at left: TURKEY, SWISS CHEESE, LETTUCE, TOMATO, & BACON SUBMARINE SANDWICH WITH MAYONNAISE, FRUIT, CHEESE, & CRACKERS PLATE, and an EGG SALAD SANDWICH.
The Pantry Liston 9/24/2000: Condiments, preserves, fruits and veggies in tiny canning jars, topped with a real fabric lid and a canning label created by Sandi Weidler. Pictured at left: RASPBERRY JAM, HONEY, and SWEET PICKLES.
The Cat's Meow Liston 1/16/2000: Love minis? Love cats? You won't want to miss this page! Pictured at left: RED LEATHER CAT COLLAR, CAT DISH FILLED WITH FOOD AND WATER, and box of MEOW MIX.
"Did Someone Say...Pasta?" Liston 1/16/2000: Get your pasta here, already prepared on a mini plate, or uncooked, in wire-bailed, real glass jars. Pictured at left: SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALLS PLATE.
Packaged Goods List on 6/5/2001: No empty boxes and containers here! These minis are FILLED. Pictured at left: LAND 'O LAKES MARGARINE (with 4 removable sticks).
Pizza...Delivered! Liston 1/16/2000: Pizza, any way you like, delivered to your door just like your local pizza place...only in miniature. Pictured at left: large PEPPERONI AND GREEN PEPPER PIZZA.

Miniature Book Liston 1/16/2000: Dollhouse-sized books for Dollhouse and Miniatures Lovers. Pictured at left: Three different issues of NUTSHELL NEWS.

"Drink Up!" Liston 1/16/2000: don't let your mini people get dehydrated. We have beverages to suit everyone--water, milk, juice, wine, beer, even mixed drinks! Pictured at left: GLASS OF PINK LEMONADE WITH LIME SLICE, GRASSHOPPER, and PINK LADY.

The Sewing Room Liston 1/16/2000: buttons from Granny's button box (if you can find a needle small enough, you could actually SEW these on mini clothing--they have real holes!), thread, yarn, fabric, pillows, even miniature cross-stitch in progress on real Aida cloth. Pictured at left: a selection of FABRICS from "Grandma's Fabrics," BAG OF POLYFIL, and a NEEDLEWORK SHOPPING BAG.

In Our Dollhouse's Hallways and Corridors, You'll Find...


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