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Life in Miniature, , presents
Through    The    Dollhouse    Door

February 19, 1998 want to shrink yourself down to 1" scale and open the door of your dollhouse, walk in, and explore! Can't do it? Well...we've got the next best thing.

In association with, Life in Miniature presents Through The Dollhouse Door, an online bookstore featuring picture books, novels, mysteries, and nonfiction books all featuring--you guessed it!--dollhouses. So come on in and sit for a spell!

In each section you'll find books to suit your tastes, including a description and picture...and for your convenience, a direct link to order the books from When available, I will provide you with a personal review of the book after I've read it myself! Many of these books are already classics in the miniatures world, and still more are ones you may have not yet discovered.

As a special added bonus, each time you order a book from THROUGH THE LIFE IN MINIATURE LINK PROVIDED, Life in Miniature will send you, ABSOLUTELY FREE, $2.00 in Life in Miniature Minidollars to spend in any way, at any time, on items from our online catalog. Why are we doing this?

To be honest, each book ordered through our links to result in a small commission for us. It'd be easy for you to log on to yourself and order your books there, and we invite you to do so if you wish. But if you want books about DOLLHOUSES and MINIATURES, why not step into our library, where we've done all the sorting and reviewing already for you? Plus, you get a FREE MINIATURE to boot. Or two! Or three! Because if you wish, you can also save up your Life in Miniature Minidollars and order a more expensive miniature...all FREE. There is no expiration date on your Minidollars. So...order three books, and you get $6.00 worth of miniatures. Sound like a deal? It is, and not even MINI at that!

So go get a cup of tea, sit back in your chair, relax, and browse to your mini heart's content.

One more thing--our dollhouse door is always unlocked for you to come in and read. We'll put more books on our shelves whenever we find them!

FICTION: Picture and Pop-Up Books for Children of All Ages

FICTION: Middle Readers, or How to be 12 Years Old Again :)

NONFICTION: Reference and Do-It-Yourself

EDITOR'S CHOICE: Jill's Favorites!