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EMAIL Life in Miniature
38 Grove St. #4
Boston, MA 02114
United States

Order Form

Please print this order form and return it with check or money order to:

Life in Miniature
c/o Jill Lynne Ness
38 Grove Street #4
Boston, MA  02114

OR, if you're in a hurry, 
EMAIL your order to or; 
TELEPHONE in your order to 617-720-0511; 
or FAX your order to 617-720-1636.

Regular delivery is 2-4 weeks.  Any special orders (designated by an item number ending in "-SP" will take longer.  
If you are ordering by email, phone or fax you will be contacted regarding payment.  
We now accept VISA or MasterCard through PAYPAL.  Click on the PayPal Logo to sign up for FREE and to get $5.00 to spend free! 
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DESCRIPTION ITEM# QTY UNIT PRICE TOTAL [EXAMPLE] blueberries 013P 1 1/2 pt. $3.00 $3.00 ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------- Order Total:__________ Postage & Handling:__________ 5% sales tax (MA residents only):__________ Total Enclosed:__________ Payment Method: __ Check __ Money Order Please make checks/money orders payable to Jill Lynne Ness. For orders up to $20.00, add $3.00 postage & handling. All orders more than $20.00 are shipped free! Ship To: NAME_______________________________ ADDRESS____________________________ ____________________________ CITY____________________STATE______ COUNTRY________________ ZIP or POSTAL CODE ________________ EMAIL ADDRESS______________________ Mini thanks for your order!