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The Dollhouse Icons Collection

Welcome! This page is a collection of FREE icons obtained off the World Wide Web, all LEGALLY--that is, no copyrights were infringed upon to make this page, and all of the icons have already been offered for any kind of use by the general public. I've collected tiny, dollhouse related icons here, in order that miniature lovers like myself would have tiny color images for their computer simulating the objects that might be found in a dollhouse. Do you have miniature-related files stored in your computer? Perhaps a collection of hints you've been saving? Why not give them icons of their own? If you want to, you could even make a whole picture of a dollhouse on a drawing program, and "decorate" it using these icons. What could be more fun??? (Well, yes, I know--a REAL dollhouse, which you already probably have anyway. So now get a virtual one!!!)

PC Users: "right-click" on the image to save to your hard disk.

Macintosh Users: hold down your mouse button on the image; scroll to "save image to disk."

That's it! Have fun! I would most appreciate it, too, if you sent me a note on how you liked these icons. If I get a good turnout, I'll search for more and post them here.



Your are person # to download these icons since 11/21/97.

Dollhouse    Icons!