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Lucky Seven Costume Kits: $10.00 each

Are your mini people ready for Halloween?

PRINCESS ITEM #007H--includes mask, hat w/gold lamé accent veil, star wand, and gold lamé cape.

MAGICIAN ITEM #008H--includes Fimo top hat, velvet black cape w/red lame lining, magic wand, and bunny rabbit.

PUMPKIN HEAD ITEM #009H--includes Fimo mask, real leather black cape, pumpkin trick-or-treat pail, and pumpkin flashlight.

BLACK CAT ITEM #010H--inludes Fimo mask, cat toy, real leather collar with metal clasp, and cat's tail.

WITCH ITEM #011H--includes green Fimo witch mask, pointy hat, real leather black cape, and witches broom.

FIREFIGHTER ITEM O12H--includes black Fimo firehat and boots w/neon yellow details, axe, and oxygen tanks.

DEVIL ITEM O13H--includes Fimo mask, red lamé cape, pitchfork, and devil's tail.

Crude Candles: $3.00/pair

Planning a mini monstrous meal?  Supplement your
tablewear with these unique candles.  Hand-crafted
of fimo and detailed right down to the wicks.

 pumpkin candles ITEM #014H (pair)
 black cat candles ITEM #015H (pair)
 ghost candles ITEM # 016H (pair)
 candy corn candles ITEM #017 H(pair)
 witches hat ITEM #018H(pair)

Terrifying Tombstones: $3.00 each

tombstone, reads R.I.P. w/skull and crossbones ITEM #019H
cross marker, reads 1800-1871 ITEM # 020H