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Reviews of Life in Miniature's Products...

Subj:    Fruits and Veggies
Date:   Sun, Sep 14, 1997 11:29 AM EDT
X-From: (John  & Lou Robbins)
To: (Jill Lynne Ness)

Hi Jill,
Received the samples and order form. You really do GREAT work! They look so

I will be sending you an order, probably in a week or two...

Thanks again for the samples..... I really LOVE them.

Lou in Montville NJ
AKA Mary Lou Robbins
Subj:    Jill's fabulous Fruit and Veggies
Date:   Fri, Oct 17, 1997 7:24 PM EDT
X-From: (Nyssa)


My sample pack of produce arrived today.  Wow!  You certainly are an
artist!  The McIntosh apples looks just like the ones on my parent's apple
tree.  And the peaches... I am surprised that the don't _feel_ fuzzy,
because they look like they have fuzzy peach skins.   I am drooling over
everything your price list.  Decisions, decisions.  Too bad  I can't have 
one of everything!

I got a kick out of the address on the envelope. (to:  Alice "Nyssa")  And
your sense of humor is apparent in your Halloween price list too.  I wish
you much success in your new business.  Not only are your products
fantastic, but you are a caring, sharing, talented person.  

Subj:    Re: Fruits and Veggies
Date:   Mon, Sep 15, 1997 5:15 AM EDT
X-From: (John  & Lou Robbins)

Everything arrived just fine. I went to a mini show yesterday and I bought
the cutest little wooden bowl that now has your little fruit in it..... it
looks so cute, I love it!

Even the broccoli arrived safe! It looks so real. I will be ordering from
you real soon, it's just going to be a problem deciding what to
buy....sigh... so many


Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 17:30:14, -0500
Subject: Fruits & Veggies


No wonder you got Miniature of the Month, WOW. I received snap bean 
today and are so cute. I put them in a wooden bowl and set them on a 
chair next to the stove in my dh, they are sooooooo cute. The peaches 
are in a ceramic bowl on the kitchen table, waiting to be put into a 
cobbler!! I had a wedge of cheese that I had gotten eons ago and it 
didn't look right all by itself, now it's on a cutting  board next to 
a sauce pan that contains your cauliflower. I like cheese sauce on my 
cauliflower LOL, it's the only way I'll eat it :))

I couldn't believe all the stuff you make, very impressive.  What 
really impressed me is that you have artichokes and star fruit.  
You'll be getting my order soon.  A very big THANK YOU:))