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CATalog of the Week #9: KITZ!

Hi everyone!

Time to start off 1998 with a brand new CATalog of the Week: Kitz!

As you can tell from the title, the Kitz! CATalog features kits of all kinds, created by none other than our own Debbie Jones. If by chance you haven't seen Debbie's minis yet, you are in for a BIG mini treat!

Are you a do-it-yourselfer, but hate to run around town looking for hard-to-find supplies? Kitz! is for you. The majority of the kits require only glue to assemble--everything else is INCLUDED. Or perhaps you're new at mini-making, and don't know where to start? Kitz! is for you too, because having everything before you plus step-by-step directions is...well, it's the next best thing to having a personal guide.

Kitz! specializes in miniature kits from 1: 144" to 1:6", so chances are if you're working on anything from a dolls' dollhouse to a Barbie playhouse, Kitz! has your scale.

This is the time to get your Kitz! guess is that with the cost of printing color pictures these days, any catalog featuring color photos will be hard to come by! Debbie of Kitz says, "It's now a 30 page full color catalog... I offer 1:12 & 1:48 scale kits and accessories and several kinds of landscape supplies and DIY tools and videos."

Kitz! also features information on other artisan's items it deems unusual or unique. In the very same CATalog you'll find clothing kits by (some you may already know from the Dollhouse Guild): J. M. Lowell Dolls, Etc., seasonal and finished items from Kelly's Krafts and paper project kits from Sandi's Minis. So even if you're not a kit-type person, you might want to give the Kitz! catalog a try; in addition to featuring some finished items, all items from the Kitz! kits (does that make sense?!) are also available assembled, for twice the price. Oh geez... I didn't even mention prices yet! The great majority of the kits are under $5.00, so even if you are getting something preassembled, it's still a great deal. You'll find entire kits (this is with all parts included, remember), for as low as $3.00 and $3.50.

Convinced? Want a CATalog?

Send $3.00 (refundable with purchase)* to:

KITZ! 13220 S. 38TH PLACE PHOENIZ, AZ 85044

If you have any questions, feel free to email Debbie at, or visit the Kitz! web site at:

And of course, this CATalog is a four paw rating!

--CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast!

*Catalog payment info. updated 3/13/00.