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CATalog of the Week #8: Special Sellers

In honor of tiny little Jasmine, I have a tiny little CATalog to post this
week, but please note that it is only tiny in price and in pages, and BIG
in quality.  This week's them is a fun one:  sliceables!  By sliceables I
am referring to the "cane" variety of polymer clay that you slice yourself
and out pops instant minis!

Here's a sampling of the canes available:

CHRISTMAS STICKS:  Santa face, Christmas tree, Wreath, Peppermint,
Pinwheel,Starlight mints, poinsettia flower, snowman, and MORE

FRUIT STICKS:  (the perfect place for getting "sliced" fruit!)orange,
angerine, lemon, kiwi, apple, and MORE

MEAT/CHEEESE/VEGETABLE STICKS:  bologna, salami, turkey, cheddar or swiss
cheese, red or white onion, tomato, cucumber, and MORE


If the preceeding was making you hungry, yep, you're on the right track!
Get your minis in a stick...and that's only the half of it, folks.
There's a whole page of other hand-crafted minis that aren't the cane
variety, featuring toys, Holiday items, dolls, Raggedy Ann & Andy, even a
tray of hot dogs!

The CATalog costs $1 plus a SASE.  Don't be disappointed when you see it's
only 2 long sheets of paper, because there are DOZENS of items listed, and
you'll look in your envelope, you'll also find a little plastic bags with
FREE SAMPLES of some of the items on the list.  They are simply marvelous,
and as a polymer clay person myself I must admit that I was even a
teeny-weeny mini bit jealous!

I for one am going to try out the meats and cheeses in preparation for New
Year's, and the itty bitty petit fours sound wonderful.  A warning though
in order:  if you're like me and highlight items on the paper you're
interested in, I'll tell you right now that you may as well HIGHLIGHT THE
WHOLE SHEET.  Both of them.

For this CATalog, a three paw-er,

send $1 and a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:

5826 Macinness Drive
Memphis, TN  38119

Ph. #:  901-685-6666

P.S.  Oh--I forgot to mention that SPECIAL SELLERS also makes complete
holiday tables set with centerpiece, napkins, forks, 2 plates with food, 2
punch cups, package, and 2 serving dishes with food ready for a
party...all for $18.00...Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day,
Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day, and Birthday party tables all