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CATalog of the Week #5: Grandma's Attic

Subj: CATalog of the Week #5: Grandma's Attic Date: Wed, Oct 22, 1997 12:44 PM EDT From: Sender: To: CC:,

Hello everyone! Time for the CATalog of the Week. This week's theme is: quilts.

Yes, I know. All you non-sewers (this means you and your glue bottle, Darlene! gg) are ready to give up reading right now. Just the very thought of patterns, quilting and teeny stitches makes you queezy...but, have you ever tried a quilting KIT? We're talking a complete kit, including printed quilt front, quilt back, batting, thread for quilting, needle, and COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS.

Patterns include: Ohio Star, Bears Paw, Churn Dash, 6 Point Star, Double Nine Patch, Pin Wheel, Flower Garden, School House, Partridge in a Pear Tree, Trip Around the World, Hearts in a Row, Grandma's Fan, Antique Vine, Trumpet Vine and Antique Applique.

This CATalog gets a three paw rating:

Table food! If you can, don't pass it up!

I'm not sure how I discovered this little catalog, but for $1 it sure was worth it. Prices are incredible, and INCLUDE postage and handling! I recently ordered a pillow sampler kit for making EIGHT quilted, assorted pillows for a mere $10.00. I wrote my check for $10, and got a kit back lickity-split, postage paid, with the complete works for creating all eight pillows. If you have any idea of the prices of quilted pillows (even mini ones) you know how great a deal this is.

Great, you what is the CATalog name and where do I get it? Send $1 and a SASE to:

Grandma's Attic P.O. Box 397 Decatur, MI 49045