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CATalog of the Week #4: "Pannikins" by M.E.

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 00:12:57 -0400 (EDT) From: Subject: CATalog of the Week #4: Pannikins by M.E.

Hi all!

Jill here with the CATalog of the Week, a bit late. Sorry about that. But a better mini late than mini never!

Last week's CATalog, Rose's Doll House, was a big hit. If you haven't called the 800 number for yours yet be sure to do so. For those of you overseas, please send me your snail mail addresses so I can get you copies if you would like them.

The theme for this weeks CATalog of the Week is ....FOOD! And our featured CATalog of the Week is "Pannikins" by M.E.

OK, you ask, "What the heck is a pannikin?" A pannikin is defined as a small vessel of food or drink, and is especially what Mary Eccher specializes in. I met Mary myself a few months back at the Boston Miniatures Show. I introduced myself and right away she recognized my name, precisely because I have placed so many orders with her!

Whether you are a "buyer" or a "do it yourselfer," Mary has items to please everyone's palate. She carries "empties" as well as complete foods created with modeling compounds and resin. BTW, if you're looking for resin, this catalog has it. Resin, BTW, has a shelf life of 9 months. Mine is edging on that, and I just placed an order with Pannikins for canning jars so I can try my hand at canning some of my mini produce.

If you happen to be doing a modern dollhouse, Pannikins by M.E. has tons of brand name foods, exactly like their real life counterparts except scaled down. I don't know where Mary gets them, or how she gets them, but I don't care! All I know is I fell in love with putting together a little brand name wax paper box, then rolling up my own wax paper and putting it inside, serrated edge sticking looked EXACTLY like the real thing! Then when I found out this catalog had teeny, teeny Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (my favorite) packages, I went (pea)nuts. I couldn't resist putting a package on the nightstand in my DH (BTW a good tip to remember is Minihold for your smaller minis; it is removable wax and will hold your minis in place invisibly and securely).

Here's a sampling of other goodies you'll find in "Pannikins" by M.E.:

baskets; glasses; bowls; glass vases; bone china plates and bowls; metal cauldrons; metal bread pans; metal platters; drink glasses, e.g. champagne and margarita; ceramic bowls; Jello; feminie products; pet foods; Saran Wrap; Zip Locks; Land 'O Lakes products; Del Monte fruits & vegetables; Dannon Yogurt; A & W Root Beer; Gatorade; Koolaid; Prego Spaghetti sauce; Doritos; Old El Paso tacos...

I could go on and on! This catalog is like a mini supermarket. All your favorites are here--go ahead, go on a mini shopping spree and fill up you DH kitchen with all your favorite groceries. TONS of items are $2.00 and under. And I haven't even mentioned the hand-crafted'll find foods that rival cookbooks here; listen to these categories:

beverages; sweet shop; Easter; Halloween; Christmas; Victorian Christmas; Early American Thanksgiving; Shaker food; Southern food; Irish food; Jewish cookery...

and tons more. Mary also carries many items in 1/2" as well as 1" scale.

Yes, I know you want this CATalog by now, and for sure you know the rating: Four paws

--CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast!

And now you're saying, "How much?" "What's the address?"

Here it comes, folks, so get to the mini table while it's hot!

"Pannikins" by M.E. 199 Laurel Ridge South Salem, NY 10590-2409

Catalog is $2.50.