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CATalog of the Week #22: Dorothy's Doo-Dads

Well, hello again, to a LONG awaited CATalog of the Week. Your CATalog Coordinator is now officially married, as of October 10, 1998!

First off I'd like to thank those members of the Doll House Guild who suprised me with a miniature wedding room bag filled with miniatures from all over the world. Darlene Hubbell was the coordinator and conspirator behind it all, and I was just astounded when I opened that package and saw the most incredible miniature wedding dressing room scene!

CATalog of the Week #22, Dorothy's Doo-Dads, is dedicated to dear Darlene. (Don't you love all my alliteration?)

You see, Darlene hates the S-Word: SEW. Sew, sewing, sewn, anything to do with it. She is the Dollhouse Guild's dooable glueable Darlene: her saying goes, "if it's glueable, it's doable." And I figure Dorothy's Doo-Dads is perfect for her because they are quality miniatures with new sewing required! Dorothy's Doo-Dads specializes in "Handcrafted Dollhouse Miniatures for Your Sewing and Craft Rooms." And thus, our theme for this CATalog of the Week: Miniatures for Sewing and Craft Rooms!

Many of you will be pleased to know this CATalog is ONLINE and therefore DA DA DA DUM...FREE! CATalog of the Week #22 is a four-paw rating: CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast!

And not only is this CATalog free, you can receive a FREE MINIATURE GIFT from Dorothy simply by sending her a S.A.S.E. (self-addressed, stamped envelope). This is the first CATalog of the Week to offer a free get it while the gettin' is good!

Now to more good stuff: here are the categories you'll find in Dorothy's Doo-Dad's CATalog:

*Sewing Room Items

*Sewing/Knitting Baskets

*More Sewing Room Items

*Custom Items

*Quilt Frame

*Sewing Screen

*Knitted Clothing

*Yarn, Crochet Cotton

*Sewing/Knitting Caddy

*New Items

*Half-Inch Scale

Sounds SEEEEEWWWWWW good, doesn't it? And yes, I knew you half-scalers would be pleased by that last one!

Dorothy's things are so adorable, as soon as this newly-married lady gets herself organized, she's going to outfit her dollhouse sewing room with selections from Dorothy's Doo-Dads. I've placed an order already to wet my appetite...and I'm sure when you see this website, you'll want to, too.

Want to know more? Go there! When available, I will now be posting a link to the CATalogs of the Week right in the review, starting with Dorothy's Doo-Dads. SEW go on, and enjoy!


Hand-Crafted Dollhouse Miniatures for Your Sewing and Craft Rooms

P.O. Box 1285

Monroe, WA 98272-4285


Voice and Fax: (360) 794-0980

Web Address:

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