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CATalog of the Week #20: JAF Miniatures

Hi everyone, and welcome to the long-awaited CATalog of the Week #20! Thank you for your patience during this busy time. The wedding plans are coming along nicely (though stressfully at times). Thank you ESPECIALLY for all your prayers for my fiancÚ, Paul, during his recent illness. The kidney infection has cleared, and the bladder stone dissolved thanks to medication and Tom and Lou's suggestion of healthy doses of cranberry juice. Thank God he doesn't have to have surgery!

And now to our CATalog of the Week. Our theme this time is jewelry findings. If you enjoy the "Talkin Trash" feature Nona provides on the Dollhouse Guild Listserv--that is, discovering what beautiful and unusual miniatures can be created from what others might consider "junk," then CATalog of the Week #20, JAF Miniatures, is for you. They also provide some darling ready-made miniatures.

The unique aspect of JAF miniatures is that, when searching for their "findings," they have the miniaturist in mind. Their catalog states that they provide "superior quality jewelry findings and Swarovski lead crystals for the incorporation into miniature chandeliers, lamps, and accessories." What kind of accessories? Flipping through the CATalog (a generous 59 pages), I discover findings that would make darling picture frames, ceiling medallions, mirrors, party trays and platters, clocks, perfume and vanity trays, miniature shadow boxes, jewelry boxes, tins for coffee, tea, cakes or sewing supplies, hinged picture frames, Christmas ornaments....the list goes on and on! And for those of you who prefer ready-made mniatures, you'll discover Chrysnbon place settings, silverware, crystal goblets, candlesticks, cakestands, and candy dishes. There are even some absolutely adorable fancy bird cages on page 47 from Northeastern Scale Models, Inc.

Have you ever wanted to create your own ELECTRIFIED lamps and chandeliers? Kadeli Kits are on pages 52-54, and include all the components you need and instructions for electrifying. Sounds like FUN to me! And the best part is, the prices are LOW LOW LOW!

The CATalog is not free, however; but trust me, once you see it and order it will be well worth the $10 you sent. JAF Miniatures was developed in 1974, so they have had well over twenty years in serving the creative miniaturist. To receive a CATalog, send $10 and your name and address to:

JAF Miniatures R.R. 3 Osceola, MO 64776 PH: 417-646-8642

Then get your imagination rolling! And right, you guessed it--this CATalog is a four-pawer!