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CATalog of the Week #19: American Science & Surplus

OK, I know what you're all thinking...that Agent Ness had completely disappeared from the face of the earth. That you hadn't heard from her on the list since she made her post about wanting to shrink down to mini and crawl into the top bunk of her dollhouse kids' bedroom. Well, she's back!

The truth is, I've been going positively nuts trying to plan for my wedding on October 10. Mom is far away in Minnesota, and there's no one to help! Whaaah! Anyone want to HELP?? OK, enough complaining. I hope everyone hasn't given up on me. Plus my Dad was here for two weeks to visit, and Paul and I might be moving sometime this fall, and BLAH BLAH BLAH enough excuses. BACK to the CATalogs of the Week!

BTW, would Beth from In A Miniature Manor (CATalog of the Week #18) please contact me? I'm looking for a copy of the CATalog #18 Review so I can put it in the MiniCATS archives. If anyone else has a copy, please feel free to contact me also. We can't have a review missing! -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Now, without further ado, CATalog of the Week #19!

Many of you have heard about this CATalog from various posts on the DHG list. I recently discovered it, and have been placing orders for marvelous things most people would consider "junk," but miniature enthusiasts who like making their own minis would view as TREASURE! Plus, they've been sending new CATalogs just about every month so I'm in mini heaven, trying to dream up new minis from this virtual junk drawer of possibilities. On that note, it stands to reason that our theme for this CATalog is "Treasures from Trash," and CATalog of the Week #19 is AMERICAN SCIENCE & SURPLUS.

American Science & Surplus' web site is located at You can browse odies online, but I highly recommend that you request their paper CATAlog, which is FREE FREE FREE! Then you can curl up on your couch, stroll at your leisure, and mark (like I do) all the things you want to get with a florescent yellow highlighter. Actually, any color will do, as long as it's florescent. Because, my friends, you won't want to miss a thing, and you'll DEFINITELY get to order more than you realize, once you see the PRICES!

For my first order, I got some itty bitty ziplock bags which I desperately needed for my business, Life in Miniature. A.S.&S. as the lowest prices around on mini ziplock bags. Just be sure you get the ones that are clear and don't have various companies names on them. A.S.&S., as you may already know, gets the leftover junk from misprints, companies gone defunct, and recycles them to folks such as us who cruise our own wastebaskets (and other people's) in the search for this kind of stuff.

Letsee, what else did I get? Three and a half pounds of fleece for a couple of bucks. I have no idea what I'm going to do with all that, but it will definitely make some great rugs for my mini friends to cozy up to.

And BEADS! I didn't mention the beads yet! Marvelous glass teeeny teeny beads so small, I used the clear ones for bubbles in a mini glass of champagne. HONEST!

Letsee, I also got several large bags of flat glass marbles, the kind people put in vases for flower arranging. A.S.&S. has them in a rainbow of beautiful colors, and I just know they can be used for a mini something-or-other.

Wire, foamcore, clay cutters, dental picks and tools for my Fimo and Sculpey...all these things I've found at A.S.&S. You simply have to browse through their CATalog, and get creative! Their motto is "Incredible Stuff, Unbelievable Prices," and it's entirely true, which means this CATalog of the Week is a four-pawer. The only downside to this place is that they cannot ship to outside the U.S...but don't give up! Anyone outside the U.S. who wants a CATalog, please contact me and I will send you a paper one, or even easier--shop their online CATalog. You can email me back and tell me what you want to order and I'll order for you, along with my own order, since I usually place one or more each month. How does that sound? We can work out payment or swap details later.

So, for lots and lots of mini fun go to their website now, request a catalog, and browse away. You won't regret it!

AMERICAN SCIENCE & SURPLUS 3605 W. Howard St. Skokie, IL 60077 Phone: (847) 982-0874 Fax: (800) 934-0722