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CATalog of the Week #18: In a Miniature Manor

Our theme this week is "handpainted furniture," and our CATalog of the Week #18 is IN A MINIATURE MANOR.

We, at the Dollhouse Guild, have a celebrity in our midst. Some of Beth Bergman's (a DHG member) furniture was just presented in the newest issue of Dollhouse Miniatures (formerly Nutshell News). Before I go into the details of Beth's CATalog, let me tell you the reaction I had when I opened my DM (even before Beth got hers hee hee!), and there was THE DESK. THE DESK of my dreams, which I had only seen one other time--in fact, a few days before, when I received the In a Miniature Manor CATalog in the Mail. You see, as a writer I absolutely COVET the writing bureau Beth has on page 1 of her CATalog. It's got little tiny drawers, with drawer pulls, a cubby hole, AND a handpainted surface, and would look positively PERFECT as the centerpiece in the writing room of my dollhouse (yes, a writing room! Right off the master bedroom). Well, I drooled over the page for a millenia and then a few days later, here comes DM with the very same desk, and it looked even better. Ah, fate, methinks to myself, now I MUST have that desk. So I'm saving up, folks! Watch out, Beth!

Ah, once again I digress. The writing bureau certainly isn't the only lovely piece of furniture in this CATalog, by any means. In fact, I do them an injustice by calling them furniture--my friends, these are WORKS OF ART. If you're like me, you search not only for quality miniatures, but UNIQUE miniatures--not the run of the mill off the assembly line miniatures that anyone can get. Handcrafted miniatures are a treasure, and I must say that Beth has picked the perfect title for her CATalog: In a Miniature Manor. You will truly feel as though you are in a miniature manor when you browse through the pages of this CATalog.

Beth's CATalog is $6.50 by mail; she supplies the envelope and $1 of the price is postage--it's thirteen sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper with color pictures. If you just want a price list please send a SASE. Overseas customers, please send Beth an email regarding postage etc. as I hadn't had a chance to ask her about overseas rates before this CATalog report was due.