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CATalog of the Week #16: Private Collection

Dear Miniature Enthusiast,

Are you ready for a truly ELEGANT experience?  Come stroll across the Private
Collection floors....

TIME:  anytime
PLACE:  right where you are, right now; light a candle and drop grapes into
your mouth, one by one, for the truest experience....
Ok, it's me.  I had to word it like that.  There is no other way to adequately
introduce this CATalog of the Week, other than by an invitation of sorts!  I
only wish I could send elegant script writing via email, have it "written" on
parchment paper, sealed with a wax seal....and then we could all celebrate
with miniature hors d'voures.  

But I'm getting away from myself.  So instead I will tell you I have another
online CATalog for you.  I will also steal my theme right from the title of
this CATalog:  fine floors and faux finishes, and announce the owner of this
fine CATalog of the Week #16 as our very own Dollhouse Guild's Renee

Perhaps you've always yearned for a parquet floor in your dollhouse parlor, or
a marble floor in the library.  Now you can!  

It took a great deal of trouble to bring you this CATalog.  For some reason my
'puter wouldn't load Renee's web site at first (no one else had trouble, just
me!); but now that I can, let me tell you IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT.  I
emailed a bunch of other AOLers, asking them if they had trouble viewing the
site, and the resounding cry was, "No, no trouble here--get your 'puter fixed
QUICK and go see!" Well, I still can't view the homepage (I think it is the
music that my 'puter's having trouble with--yes MUSIC!), but the direct link
to your floors worked fabulously, Renee and I'm going to send others along the
same path. :)

I'll tell you right away that this CATalog is a four pawer! 
CATNIP!  Snatch up this CATalog, fast!!  

I hope Renee
doesn't cringe at the thought of my cats putting pawprints over her nice
floors, but we're just going to have to get one (at least) when we get the
lighting finished in our dollhouse and are ready to lay the floors.  I
immediately fell in love with the wood ones, in particular the cherry with
maple puzzle floor, which would look positively LOVELY in my dollhouse.  I
could almost feel it under my feet (assuming I was mini size, of course).  The
Private Collection states that "The floors come in both one inch scale and
half inch scale. The one inch 
scale floors have more than enough pieces to make up at least a 12 x 12 
floor, where the half inch floors are 6 x 6. Easy to follow directions 
and diagrams are included. The floors need no special stain as they are 
made out of maple, walnut, cherry and oak. If you want a special look 
all the floors are offered in basswood which can be stained or painted 
to your specifications."  Hey, I think me, this former peel-the-back-off-
stick-on-wood-floor person, has now been CONVERTED.
Then, imagine my delight when I strolled on past the wood floors and found...

the Quarry, featuring the marble floor of my dreams.  You'll see what I mean
when you see the picture!  Now, the trouble is going to be deciding between
them...or maybe I will have to get both? 

How can I describe them?  I can' simply will have to go there yourself.
Please visit the Private
Collection right away; Renee has
left the door unlocked, so walk right in.  You may want to take your shoes and
socks off to savor the whole experience.