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CATalog of the Week #15: Mini-Made Imaginations

Gosh, there are so many talented miniature artisians out there, I'm having a hard time choosing which new CATalog to do! Many of you are sending me your CATalogs to review--please continue to do so! In fairness (it's so hard to pick and choose), I'll do the reviews in the order I receive them.

This week's theme is MINIATURE DOLLS. And our featured CATalog featuring HANDCRAFTED miniature dolls (actually the best I've seen so far, considering all the doll catalogs that have dropped through my mail slot!) is...


Dolls by Phyllis Hill

Phyllis, as you may know, is a member of the Dollhouse Guild (mini- Now Phyllis, I think, is rather self-spoken and wouldn't toot her own horn to me, so as I warned you all, I'm going to toot it for her! I got word of her catalog through Sandi Weidler, another member of the DHG. Sandi ooooed and ahhhed about Phyllis' catalog and so then I requested it and ooooed an ahhhed some more! When you get it, you will ooo and ahhhh too!

I know, I know. "Enough already, Jill. Give us the info." Here goes:

Mini-Made Imaginations features handcrafted miniature dolls by Phyllis Hill, in both the dressed and undressed variety. There are men, women, children, and babies in all skin tones and hair colors so you undoubtedly find someone perfect (if not a whole family!) for your dollhouse or roombox. There are even fairies and elves! And get this--the grandpa and grandma dolls are a little chubbier and less muscle-toned as the other dolls--how perfect! Undressed dolls range from $12.95-$24.95.

Then, turning the page, what do I find but dressed dolls of all kinds. What I especially love about these dolls is that they are not generic--each and every one seems unique. You can even order the dolls in any hair color you want. Some of the dressed dolls pictured include:

1900's Grandma

Indian Man and Woman

Male Nurse and Female Doctor

Dressed Fairies

Sea Captain

Victorian Santa

...and many, many more. My favorite, I have to say, is "Victoria." When you see her you'll know what I mean! Aso, the Sea Captain is a handsome gent--with many a story up his sleeve, I'm sure!

Phyllis has given some of the dolls names to suit their personalities, and likewise you order them by their names. Dressed dolls range from $34.95-$94.95. And get this (do I dare tell you, Sandy Dawson?? hee hee): Phyllis accepts VISA and MASTERCARD.

Last but certainly not in the least, you can get this COLOR CATalog (9 pages) by sending an LSASE (long self-addressed, stamped envelope, in other words, business-size) to:

MINI-MADE IMAGINATIONS Dolls by Phyllis Hill 825 Willow Avenue Eugene, OR 97404

PH#: 541-607-5911 FAX#: 541-461-8006 EMAIL:

Oh, and as you probably already know--this CATalog is a FOUR PAWER!!! CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast!