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CATalog of the Week #14: Master Artisans

Hello, miniature enthusiasts! Got something different for ya this week. As a result (well, partly--actually it was an incredible coincidence) of someone emailing Lou and looking for instructional videos, this CATalog of the Week theme is : VIDEOS!

And our featured CATalog is called (drum roll.... da da da da):

MASTER ARTISANS €Miniatures €Polymer Clay €Dollmaking Premier instructional videos for the arts and crafts industry

Burt Johnson of Mindstorm, Inc. emailed me and sent me his CATalog in Adobe PDF format, which I immediately printed out and fell in love with. Yep, I said to myself, this is definitely a CATalog of the Week and a four pawer at that!

--CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast!

First I saw the polymer clay (which you all know is my mini cup of tea) videos, including one on Millefiori Basics. I have a collection of premade Millefiori which I'm dying to use but have not yet because the darn things are so darn PERFECT I'm afraid of ruining them. For those of you not familiar with Millefiori, it is a technique of making polymer canes in intricate designs which then can be sliced an made into a myriad of things, and also can be reduced (you roll them down) for MINI creations. The detail is incredible! Anyway, looks like I'm gonna get this video for starters!

Then I kept on turning pages in the CATalog, which features a MASTER MINIATURISTS series of videos also! Then, who did I find among them?? None other than our own Viola Williams! Viola is here with her instructional video, "Let's Make a Bride, " and also her "Wigging Miniature Women" and "Wigging Miniature Men, Children and Babies" videos. Sound like fun? I think so too!

What else is in this CATalog for minilovers? Try these on for size...


Fun with Fabrics with Gail Vaughn

Tinkering With Toys with Cathy Ellis-O'Brien

Electrify Your Dolhouse with Barbara Jones

Patricia's Garden with Patricia Snyder

Miniature Jointed Teddy Bear with Lorraine Garner


Want even more good news? You can get your CATalog of the Week right away; not only is it ONLINE, but it is also FREE, and if you ask real nice (and just fill out their easy online form), Mindstorm Productions will send you via email your very own CATalog in Adobe PDF Format.

Ready to go see?

Visit http:/// right away!

Also, don't miss their special video packages featuring related videos in groups for less $$. And when you buy three or more video tapes within the U.S. or Canada, you get FREE shipping and handling.

Oh fellow miniaturists in the U.K. and elsewhere in the world are complaining...I can hear their wailing all the way from here in Boston. "But Jill," they're saying, "what about US? We can't view videos in American format!"

Never fear, mini ones. I have not forgotten you, and neither have Mindstorm Productions. For a mere $5.00 surcharge, if you live outside of North America (where "NTSC" format in videos is used), you can receive the MASTER ARTISANS videos in "PAL" format (used in most of the world) or in "SECAM" format (France and Russia) on request.

And now I have gone on far enough. Go to the website listed above, or call toll free 1-800-400-7099 for more info.

Happy viewing, mini ones!