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CATalog of the Week #13: Sandy's Lace and Trims

My cats hid this CATalog from me. I swear it. I looked all over for the thing for weeks and weeks and could I find it? No! THEY (the cat-culprits) hid it under one of their little cozy cat beds. Well, I finally found it again and not only am I going to place an order, but I'm going to announce it as this week's CATalog of the Week!

This week's theme is lace and trimmings (no wonder my cats claimed it as their own), and the CATalog of the Week is SANDY'S LACE and TRIMS.

I paid $3.00 for this CATalog when I ordered it, and as far as I know, this still is the current issue as it is marked 1997-1998. Sandy's Lace and Trims is a veritable gold mine of not only laces and trims, but also the following:


-foil strips



-butterfly wings (iron-on and cut-out)

-nylon hose for miniature dolls

-miniature crochet hooks

-tatting thread

-miniature kits

-miniature brass doll accessories

-jewelry findings

-pleaters (yes, those hard-to-find ones for miniature curtains etc.)

-paper flower kits

-1" scale trunks

-miniature bear kits

-metal stencils

-miniature dress patterns

and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!!! Yes, I know--you thought the list was never going to end...and that's why SANDY'S LACE AND TRIMS is a four-pawer CATalog of the Week:

CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast!

To order, send $3.00 to:

Sandy's Lace and Trims Sandy Staker 7417 Knoxville Avenue Peoria, IL 61614

P.S. Oh--I forgot to add, Sandy likes it if you enclose a mailing label (your name, your address etc.) along with your $3.00. Thanks!