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CATalog of the Week #12: Vickey's Miniatures Catalog

Wow, I better watch out before I mention another CATalog of the Week on the Dollhouse Guild list before it's time for me to put it out; I got a pile of emails waiting for this one already!

This week's CATalog is another one featuring handmade items. It's wonderful, it's online, and it's FREE if you want a paper copy too!

I found this CATalog by doing a AOL Netfind search. The site looked so good, I ordered their FREE catalog and bookmarked the site. When I got the CATalog in the mail (only a week or so later, as it turned out), I could see that it was definitely worthy of a CATalog of the Week review. I had forgotten about ordering it online and immediately checked my checkbook to see if this was a $2.00 or $3.00 CATalog, as I entry. I emailed the list (as a lot of you already know!) to see if "Vickey" was a DH Guild member. A short time later, I found "Vickey's Miniatures" already bookmarked on my computer. Vickey's husband emailed me back too, and is delighted to have the catalog as a CATalog of the Week.

OK, I know what you are all saying..."Skip the chit-chat, Jill! Give us the MINI details!"

All right, all right! Here ya go:

VICKEY'S MINIATURES CATALOG Quality Handmade Miniatures by Vickey Schlessman Furniture by Bob Schlessman

This 15-page CATalog is a treasure! Every item (all hand-crafted) has a picture, and the prices are very reasonable. Here are the catagories in the CATalog:

1. Quilt Kits 2. Kitchen Towels/Guest Towels 3. Rugs/Welcome Mats 4. Bath Towels/Hamper Sets 5. Games/Groceries (2 pages of these) 6. Gift Bags 7. Gift Bags with Cut-Out for Display 8. Gift Packages 9. Wooden 12-Month Calendars 10. House Plants 11. Outdoor Furniture 12. Tablecloths/Place Mats 13. Miscellaneous 14. Christmas Quilt Kits/Welcome Mats

I for one am going to order a quilt kit or two--probably one of the Christmas ones as I haven't seen those anywhere else. The quilt kits include quilt top (no piecing necessary (hear that, Darlene? ), batting, and instructions with full color diagram.

Let's see...I also DEFINITELY want some of the groceries and games, as they are name-brand ones and only .25 (that's 4 for $1.00) if you get the kind you cut out yourself. Even the ready made ones are only $1.00 each!

Oh, and there are these perfectly darling day of the week towels on page 2--one for each day of the week. Imagine a fresh mini towel in your dollhouse kitchen every day!

Hampers...wasn't someone looking for hampers? Get one here, along with a trash can to match. Got the winter blues? Order a bag of charcoal (flat,.25, ready-made, $2) on page 6 and then turn to page 12 and choose some outdoor furniture...we're talking REDWOOD WITH CUSHIONS!!! Strew a few plants around from page 11, and don't forget the picnic basket with 10 paper plates on page 14.

You've all seen cut-out gift bags before (the ones for miniature scenes)...but have you seen them in MINIATURE? They're on page 7, 1 1/2" X 1 1/2", and $2.00 each. They're made from the 1/2" scale wallpaper from Brodnax Prints. Talk about creative!

Well, I could go on and on but I think I need say no guys are anxious to get to the site, I know.

This CATalog is a four-pawer: --CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast!

and tell 'em Jill sent ya!