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CATalog of the Week #10: Glass Blowers Workshop

OOOOOH do I have a treat for everyone this week! I think JJ will especially appreciate this week's CATalog. You may have read JJ's recent post on the DH Guild list:

"Ok, my daughter just made me feel older than really felt. 'Mom, why do you always shake the milk?' How many of you still shake the milk carton? It is a habit that I still do to this day. ahh..the old glass milk bottles, the milkman's door, the Foremost truck, as well as the Helms Bakery vans with their trays of goodies going down the street. God, I feel OLD! hehe, physically..yes, mentally...NOPE!:-):-):-)"

Now I admit, being 28 I'm too much of a youngin' to remember glass milk bottles, but I do appreciate them when I see them (I collect them as antiques, does that count? ). Everyone knows that any liquid tastes better out of a glass than plastic. Remember glass Coke bottles? What happened to those???

Seriously, though, in honor of JJ and all people who appreciate real glass in this plastic-dependent society of ours, I am pleased to present the CATalog theme of the week, MINIATURE GLASSWARE, and its corresponding CATalog, GLASS BLOWERS WORKSHOP.

Want REAL glass domes, cake plates, covers, vases, bottles, and yes...drinking glasses(!) in your dollhouse? Glass Blowers Workshop is the place to find them! Now I paid $3 for this handy little catalog and you can too (or $4 if you're overseas). But the good news is, if you have access to a web browser you don't have to pay one mini cent because the catalog is now online! I just received an email from Steve Murphy, Mastercraftsman, this morning and went and checked it out myself, and indeed, Catalog #10 is there, though minus some of the cute little line drawings.:) BTW, Steve says Catalog #11 is on the drawing board and will have photos replacing the line drawings. So even more good stuff to come!

You'll find mini glassware in a great variety of sizes in this CATalog, and in some cases, even frosted glass and COLORS are available. Or perhaps you've been looking for obscure mini glass items for your latest miniature a laboratory in miniature? Test tubes, culture tubes, centrifuge tubes, flasks....they're all here. Plus wine bottles, perfume bottles... teeny weeny containers to place on dollhouse dressers and shelves, all with removable lids so you can put things inside!

I cannot possibly say anything more about this CATalog, a four-pawer, --CATNIP! Snatch up this CATalog, fast! must simply see it yourself! For a paper copy, send $3.00 ($4.00 international) to:

GLASS BLOWERS WORKSHOP 18453 Shaddox Hollow Lane Rogers, Arkansas 72756-7672,

OR, to view the CATalog online, go to

You won't want to miss this one! (Just remember: when you do get your order from here, remember it is real, genuine GLASS and breakable. Sorry cats--this CATalog is paws off!)